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The Biorefine Cluster Europe and RE-Source are sister organizations holding a joint secretariat under the supervision of the same promotor. Whereas RE-Source.Bio focuses on community building linking back to AUGent business development, social cohesion, attracting visiting (joint) researchers and promoting international educational programs, the Biorefine Cluster consists of a network of international research projects. The Biorefine Cluster focuses on joint communication activities via web presence and organization of joint international events.

Would you like to join RE-SOURCE.BIO?

The coordinator of a platform, center, or research group associated with AUGent can sign the declaration of interest. This will subsequently be discussed by the RE-Source.Bio steering group for ascension into partnership.


RE-Source.Bio will prioritize on initiatives from senior researchers that are already formal promotors of the RE-Source.Bio structures (ITN/AOP).

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